X-energy is the leading innovative supplier of fuel for advanced nuclear power technologies and the existing light water reactor (LWRs) fleet offering the revolutionary TRISO fuel, which brings game-changing benefits to operators

Tristructural Isotropic (TRISO) coated fuels start with a uranium kernel, which is coated with three layers of pyrolytic carbon and one layer of silicon carbide. These coatings encapsulate all product radionuclei under all operating conditions.

  • Carbon and ceramic layers prevent release of radioactivity
  • TRISO particles maintain individual integrity independent of their particles
  • Graphite surrounding the TRISO particles moderates the reaction
  • UCO TRISO coated particles act like pressure vessels to retain fission products

Nuclear Energy. Reimagined.


Complement renewables on hybrid grids


Meltdown proof / Walkaway safe


On-site spent fuel storage


Less construction time