A Proven Technology

High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor (HTGR)

X-energy is developing an innovative nuclear power plant design solution – the Xe-100. We intend to bring clean energy and clean water to all corners of the world and improve global quality of life.

The Xe-100 Generation IV advanced reactor builds upon decades of research, testing and demonstration.

Each Xe-100 reactor will generate 200MWt and approximately 75MWe. The standard X-energy Reactor “four-pack” plant generates approximately 300MWe and will fit on as few as 13 acres. All of the components for the Xe-100 will be road-transportable, and will be installed, rather than constructed, at the project site to streamline construction.

The Generation IV X-energy reactor is helium cooled with a heat source based on pebble bed technology which has a proven meltdown proof core. Heat transfer is via a proven helical coil steam generator. Small size and modular construction result in relatively low cost. On-line fueling allows for continuous operations.



Produces zero carbon emissions


No significant off-site release


On-site spent fuel storage


Less construction time