Neutronics Analyst

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The Neutronics Analyst supports the dynamic modeling/analysis and helps to validate neutronics codes. The Neutronics Analyst will be responsible for the reactor core design/development and analysis, taking into consideration coupled neutronics, thermo-fluid dynamics, and fuel cycle aspects for nuclear energy reactors.


• Develop and implement Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification (VVUQ) plans for codes and models for nuclear reactor design and analysis.
• Provide inputs to Mechanistic Source Term (MST), Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA), and System Engineering personnel on nucleonic aspects, including nuclear materials properties, requirements, nuclear boundary conditions, and processes.
• Perform High temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR) core neutronics design, reactivity, feedback, and safety analyses.
• Perform criticality and shielding design and considerations for fresh and spent fuel
• Develop and validate fission product release models and software
• Determine radionuclide release from fuel to Reactor System and within the helium pressure boundary (HPB) and Helium Purification System during normal operation
• Assess external and airborne radionuclide source terms and dose rates for the X-energy Reactor shielding design and radiological zoning purposes
• Be cognizant of related work being performed in the international engineering community
• Be cognizant of related neutronics tests and experiments being performed for similar, relevant systems internationally
• Contribute to planning and executing experiments/tests to satisfy Design Data Needs
• Provide technical feedback and advice to diverse multi-functional technical groups


• Think critically and reflectively
• Create and synthesize knowledge
• Demonstrate critical engineering and scientific skills
• Strong Initiative/Self Starter
• Team Player & able to work with diverse groups
• Highly motivated

Minimum Qualifications

• Must be a U.S. Citizen
• Must be eligible to apply for and possess a U.S. security clearance with either the Dept. of Defense or the Dept. of Energy
• PhD in Nuclear Engineering from a US accredited university or equivalent years’ experience
• Demonstrated expertise with Unix operating systems
• At least five years of experience with High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters
• Desired expertise with C++ and/or Fortran90 programming languages and scripting experience (using Perl or Python)
• High temperature gas cooled reactor experience highly recommended

Minimum Experience/Knowledge

• Able to perform physics code development and perform multi-scale, multi-physics modeling of the physics characteristics of HTGRs
• Knowledge of MCNP, RELAP, VSOP; deterministic and stochastic neutron transport and fuel performance techniques highly recommended
• Knowledge of Predictive Capability Maturity Model (PCMM) and VVUQ is highly recommended.
• Willingness to gain thorough understanding of legacy HTGR modelling codes (e.g., VSOP, TINTE, MGT system of codes), as appropriate.
• Able to effectively communicate results and analytical findings verbally and in writing.

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