Dr. Madia has been a leader in research, development, and deployment of energy systems for over four decades. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Overseers and Vice President for the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory at Stanford University. He is also President of Madia & Associates, LLC, an energy consulting firm serving the needs of government, industry, and academia. Dr. Madia retired from Battelle in 2007 as Executive Vice President for Mergers and Acquisitions. During his 33-year career at Battelle, he developed acquisition strategies and led proposal teams for eight successful national laboratory contract bids. As Executive Vice President for Laboratory Operations, his organization grew eight-fold, resulting in annual revenues of $4 billion and employing over 15,000 affiliated staff. During his career at Battelle, he held a variety of leadership positions including Laboratory Director of both the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He was Director of Battelle’s Columbus Laboratories and President of Battelle Technology International, a multi-national research organization with major laboratories in Frankfurt, Germany and Geneva, Switzerland and offices worldwide.

Dr. Madia’s nuclear energy experience spans the entire nuclear fuel cycle. He created and led the first Nuclear Fuel Cycle analysis group at Battelle, managed Battelle’s plutonium fuel fabrication laboratory and hot cell complex, developed proliferation resistant reprocessing flow sheets, and taught coursework in Nuclear Fuel Cycle technologies as an adjunct professor at the Ohio State University. He was a member of DOE’s “Blue Ribbon Panel” on the decontamination and decommissioning of the damaged Three Mile Island reactor and provided technical support to the Chernobyl reactor stabilization and clean-up efforts. He led the national screening of geologic formations as part of DOE’s High Level Nuclear Waste Disposal Program that resulted in Congress’ selection of the Yucca Mountain site. At the request of Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson, he led a review of medical isotope applications for the Fast Flux Test Facility and was a member of the national Commission on Science and Security in the 21st Century. Prior to joining Battelle, he worked for General Physics Corporation, where he trained nuclear power plant operators. While serving in the U.S. Army, Dr. Madia led the Reactor Operator Qualification Phase of the Army’s Nuclear Power program.